Combining psychology and writing into a therapeutic remedy after suffering an illness in 2015, I embarked on a career that would encourage others into writing, creating their own narrative and their own solutions.

Many of us have witnessed or experienced trauma in our lives; a serious illness, losing a loved one, experiencing abuse. The effects of trauma can sometimes present as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and unfortunately symptoms may not appear until months or even years after the event.  Anxiety, emotional numbness, flashbacks, anger and difficulty sleeping are just a few of the symptoms that can be present sometimes years after a traumatic experience. Writing is now recognised as creating outstanding results as a remedy for PTSD.  A study at Boston University (Sloan et al 2018) revealed that writing is a more effective way of dealing with PTSD than CPT, (cognitive processing therapy).

We all know of writings cathartic property, writing something out of our head and heart is a healthy way of dealing with emotional responses.  Now the research has been performed and proof that writing is a positive way of healing is confirmed.

Humans are used to putting on a front of ‘OK’ to the world but how do you really feel?

I believe that only we can truly ask and answer that question ourselves ensuring that we stay mentally and physically healthy, (put your own oxygen mask on first!) and writing is a great way of finding the answer to that question.

Writing is an encouraging outlet for our emotions especially ones that we do not want others to see or witness, writing is a private therapy that you can chose to hide or share. This is why it is so effective, it puts you back in control.

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