Client Spotlight

Client Feedback

‘I feel very positive and motivated after my chat with you! Full of renewed energy and encouragement and having a clear idea of my next steps in the writing of my book.’
Alice Light
‘Never in my life did I think I could write my memoirs in a week and here I am writing it all in a weekend! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing guidance and support of my writing mentor, the amazing Frankie Banks’
Madison Missina
‘Thank you Lisa for your energy and belief in me and the book. I would not have done it without you!’
Glen Coutinho

”When I had the idea of writing my book, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write.  I knew I had some good ideas but I didn’t know what I needed to produce.  Not being good at written structure I always felt inadequate. Lisa listened to me about my insecurities about writing and feeling inadequate.  I thought I needed fancy writing software or to block out enormous amounts of time.  Lisa made it easy and simple to start, I was very hesitant. What was underpinning my hesitancy was I had a blind spot of not being worthy about what I was going to write.

Lisa suggested that I just email some thoughts to her, my thoughts were very bullet point like and she collated these for me, after a while she sent me what actually looked like a chapter.  It was an OMG moment and I was very proud of what we had put together.

I After five months of being consistent I have a book I am a very proud man now, it has also given me new thoughts about additional books, it has launched me into new direction and career.”

Richard Payne