Your Writing Spark

Writing Spark was created to help you embrace the world of writing, to find your content and create your platform.  Whether they are heavy words of stone, courageous clarity or perfect patience they are locked inside of us just waiting to be given the green light.  For some of us they are neatly typed files on our computer, (our virtual bottom draw).  Maybe they are handwritten scrolls gathering dust in the attic? Your content could be on social media or a website just waiting to be collated. Wherever your content is and whatever your message it deserves to be heard.

If you would like to book a Write Your Book in a Weekend Workshop please get in touch, it really can be that simple!

Let’s create, collate, edit and publish, it really is that simple.  So jump in and put a spark back into your work, your life and ultimately your success.  Email Me .


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