Fabulous Fiction

Fiction is the foundation of my writing, places unknown and characters yet unheard, I love breathing life into words and bringing words into life. This is where my writing started as just some ramblings using Carl Jung as my inspiration.  Delving into SELF, SHADOW, PERSONA, EGO and ANIMUS they evolved into five amazing characters taking me on a fantastic journey into fictional memoir.  Just as Capote’s work was woven from fact so too are many fictional tales. Truth and honesty are the words that brought me to writing, a search for mine and a wonder about others.  Can you identify with my pondering? Perhaps you have your own version of fact just waiting to escape?

It is so easy to put your work on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes or why not create your own author website! Get in touch to find out how.

My first fictional novel Sharks and Lovers is available below or visit my Frankie Banks Fiction Website

Amazon – Sharks and Lovers

Kobo – Sharks and Lovers

iTunes – Sharks and Lovers


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