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Fiction is the foundation of my writing, places unknown and characters yet unheard, I love breathing life into words and bringing words into life. This is where my writing started as just some ramblings using Carl Jung as my inspiration.  Delving into SELF, SHADOW, PERSONA, EGO and ANIMUS they evolved into five amazing characters taking me on a fantastic journey into fictional memoir.  Just as Capote’s work was woven from fact so too are many fictional tales. Truth and honesty are the words that brought me to writing, a search for mine and a wonder about others.  Can you identify with my pondering? Perhaps you have your own version of fact just waiting to escape?

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Transcribing a Hard Act to Follow

Fiction is definitely my love, I am an escape artist of epic proportion.  However I am starting to enjoy factual writing and even transcribing.  My client recently asked me to record and then transcribe a conversation with his dying brother.  I knew this would be hard.  I carry with me at all times a big bubble of emotion but that had no place in this situation.  I had to be in control and professional, then I had to do my job.

There are a few stages to creating a piece of writing from a transcript but first you need the transcript, thank goodness for iPhones!  There will always be that annoying moment where a plane goes overhead or someone interrupts you but generally the words are all down. Then at home it’s earphones in and type, stop, rewind, type.  This resembles a first draft manuscript; very messy but it’s where all the content lies.  The second draft is taking out all the he said, she said, just, so’s and then. Next is where you try to make sense of the words by putting them into sentences.  Nobody talks in readable sentences apart from the cast of a Jane Austen movie!

The third draft is where it starts to get interesting the content now makes sense but it needs a re-jig.  What the client said first might just be preamble and need completely cutting, whereas what they said last could be the introduction.  This is the bit I love, a nice big wordy jigsaw.

Sitting next to the bed I was amazed at the presence and power in his words.  This guy could have been one of the characters in the new Tarantino film!  He had swagger, a lovable rogue who draws you in with his compelling narrative and a sense of humour as dry as the Nullabor Desert!  Fact can draw you into another world faster than fiction.  Transcribing might be a slightly more laborious job than fictional flow but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Have you tried to transcribe? Siri is no master but if you have some patience with her secretarial skills using an email on your phone and the microphone symbol you can record a whole book this way, just talk while she types.




Your Writing Spark

Writing Spark was created to help you embrace the world of writing, to find your content and create your platform.  Whether they are heavy words of stone, courageous clarity or perfect patience they are locked inside of us just waiting to be given the green light.  For some of us they are neatly typed files on our computer, (our virtual bottom draw).  Maybe they are handwritten scrolls gathering dust in the attic? Your content could be on social media or a website just waiting to be collated. Wherever your content is and whatever your message it deserves to be heard.

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‘If Freud had given somewhat more consideration to the psychological truth that sexuality is numinous – both of a god and a devil – he would not have remained bound within the confines of a biological concept’ C G Jung – Memories, Dreams & Reflections

I lay in bed last night reading and re-reading a couple of pages of Jung’s book and nothing was going in. I have owned this book for about fifteen years now.  I go back to books a bit like clothes, my old favorite pair of jeans, sometimes they are a bit tight around the waist and don’t quite fit. Other times they fit perfectly and are exactly the right accompaniment to the rest of my attire. Last night Jung’s words just didn’t quite fit and as I was about to turn off the lamp the word numinous stood out.

Jung explains it; ‘numinous – both of a god and a devil’

Numinous is defined in the dictionary;

‘having a strong religious or spiritual quality’

Depending on your religious or spiritual connections would depend on your interpretation of the word numinous. I agree with Jung’s statement about Freud but I think it stretches further than Freud and sexuality.

Society have always liked to shun the dark side, always trying to be good, on the side of good, making the bad scary, locking bad away. What would happen if we embrace the bad, give it a platform, give it a voice, let it out. Do we really think it would take over? There is a reason that good generally wins and that is because of human nature, most of us are inherently good.  The problem comes when we are told to hide the parts of us that are ‘bad’.  Whatever that is, from an obsession to a birthmark to an addiction.  We all have traits that at some point someone has told us are bad.

This comes back to resistance, another word I have come to appreciate and acknowledge.  The more we try to resist anything the stronger it gets. The ‘bad’ becomes stronger and the good becomes weaker. We need to first walk with this bad, experience it, talk to it, feel it. Maybe even hold its hand. Take time to understand it and then perhaps when it is released it won’t be the monster we first thought.

We are all numinous, whatever that means to you and how you connect to it.  We will always have good and bad and we need to accept the whole if we are to grow. Next time you feel the bad winning within you, next to you or around you, talk to it, listen to it and feel it. Don’t shut it out, shut it down or ignore it. Maybe it just needs a voice and wants to be heard.

Client Spotlight

Client Feedback

‘I feel very positive and motivated after my chat with you! Full of renewed energy and encouragement and having a clear idea of my next steps in the writing of my book.’
Alice Light
‘Never in my life did I think I could write my memoirs in a week and here I am writing it all in a weekend! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing guidance and support of my writing mentor, the amazing Frankie Banks’
Madison Missina
‘Thank you Lisa for your energy and belief in me and the book. I would not have done it without you!’
Glen Coutinho

”When I had the idea of writing my book, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to write.  I knew I had some good ideas but I didn’t know what I needed to produce.  Not being good at written structure I always felt inadequate. Lisa listened to me about my insecurities about writing and feeling inadequate.  I thought I needed fancy writing software or to block out enormous amounts of time.  Lisa made it easy and simple to start, I was very hesitant. What was underpinning my hesitancy was I had a blind spot of not being worthy about what I was going to write.

Lisa suggested that I just email some thoughts to her, my thoughts were very bullet point like and she collated these for me, after a while she sent me what actually looked like a chapter.  It was an OMG moment and I was very proud of what we had put together.

I After five months of being consistent I have a book I am a very proud man now, it has also given me new thoughts about additional books, it has launched me into new direction and career.”

Richard Payne


Resistance is Futile

Resistance to the Mirror

“What is good? – All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.  What is bad? – All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? – The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome…”  Nietzsche

When I stumbled across this quote by Nietzsche this morning, I thought Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is how I feel.  I have a mental power that I have never felt before. Power to me meant men in suits, the educated, political power, super powers.  I certainly never thought I would associate this kind of power to me but I have grown enormously since starting to write. So let me take you back a few months….

Whilst I was writing my first book I attended a self-defence course.  The two guys running it were menacing to look at, however by the end of the day they had shown a softer caring side.  We spent the day learning how to get out of various grips and holds. When a muscle-bound 6 ft 10 inch guy tries to drag you away and you can easily escape his clutches, the power shifts in your favour.  It was exhilarating.  The main lesson I came away with I wrote in my notebook as soon as I got into the car, ‘Don’t resist’ to be able to break away from something that holds you, you first have to go with it.  I knew this was true in many areas of my life.

I had been carrying a huge resistance to being me, this fight had to stop.  However to be able to let go of the past I knew I had to revisit it.  One step forward and two steps back.  I was still moving forward just very slowly.  At times whilst writing I was so submerged in the characters I would go to the shops as them, Harry often strutted around the ‘burbs’ of Melbourne.  At other times Milla would drag her feet along the pavement to the local supermarket and buy a huge bag of sugary sweets. Some days writing would feel as though I was sinking very slowly to the bottom of the ocean.  My arms and legs spread wide in surrender to my thoughts.  It was a calm feeling just my sub-conscious taking control. As my feet touched the sandy mud at the bottom I would rise quickly vertically, the bubbles of my exhaled breath tickling my body.  When my head broke the surface of the water, the blue of the sky was endless. I could feel every tiny sun beam penetrating the pores of my face and the water around me felt warm.  It was a hug from the universe, it was progression.

I have overcome a resistance, a resistance to being me.  I feel empowered by this and just being me is making me extremely happy. Writing has bestowed this power to me and I would love to share it with you!

The First Draft

Let it Go, Let it Flow

Everyone has their own methods of writing a first draft and the great news is there is no wrong way! You can map out your chapters if you have a particular plot in mind or perhaps you are writing a non-fiction and have a list of topics that you want to explore. Even with non-fiction you still need to let it flow.  Perhaps a particular topic or character just won’t stop talking, that’s ok, let it all out!

When I started to write I came up with four main characters that were telling their story. One of my characters changed her name three times! But Harry always stayed the same. Sometimes Stacey would talk away for days and Milla would stay quiet. There was no point mapping them out, I just let it flow.  That could easily translate to different topics, obviously you will have more to say on one topic than another, just get it out and edit later.

Which Way Is Right to Write?

I didn’t start writing in chapters until I got to twenty thousand words. I hadn’t realised I was writing a book! I had four files; one for each character. I went through deciding where the story took a natural break.  I have to say that this was a pretty painful process.  Luckily the story had carried all the characters in the same direction and they had been talking away even when I didn’t know who they were talking to!  For book two I was a bit more sensible, I knew how many words I wanted in each chapter, obviously you do have to be a little bit flexible but this was so much easier.

Perhaps you have started with an idea or a sentence and it all flows from there. Maybe you start at the end and work your way backwards. Have you started in the middle? It really doesn’t matter, that’s what the edit is all about, just concentrate on getting it down first.

Feedback on Your First Draft

When I got to 30,000 words I decided to ask someone for some feedback. This is something I have now realised writers everywhere debate! Do you show other people your work and risk being shot down? Well, I felt I needed to know if it was any good.  Luckily I was given straight no-nonsense remarks that were very useful. I adjusted a few things and felt encouraged to carry on. I have to say I didn’t let anyone else see it from that point on, I had been encouraged and told where to tighten up, that’s all I wanted to know.  If you are going to get someone to look at your first draft I would choose wisely.

When I had finished the manuscript I had around 80,000 words I edited this down to 67,000.  There could well be part of another book in that 13,000 words.

Joining a writers group was invaluable and I read a chapter a week.  It soon became obvious that I needed to get it copy edited if I was going to submit this to publishers and so that’s exactly what I did.  The good news was that I received encouragement; I was told it flowed well, they were drawn into the story and wanted to know more.  Bingo!

Good Luck & Get Writing and Remember No-one is Happy with their First Draft!